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Breast Augmentation

Breast surgery is a specialty of Madison Plastic Surgery.  Both Dr. Hamacher & Dr. Bernsten feel it is crucial for patients to be well-informed about the breast surgery procedures. Breast augmentation is used to enhance the appearance of the breasts by placing a saline or a silicone breast implant.  Breast augmentation will increase volume, improve the fullness of the breast, correct asymmetry, and provide a more youthful shape. During your consultation at our plastic surgery facility in Madison, a thorough medical history and physical examination of your breasts will be performed to insure the quality and safety of the procedure.  The surgeons may discuss the necessity of a breast lift, a mastopexy, or supra areolar lift with breast augmentation. This is needed if the breast skin is too loose, or the nipple and areolar complex are sitting too low.

Breast augmentation at Madison Plastic Surgery remains a popular procedure due to the straight forwardness of the operation and the predictability of the results. Breast implants can be placed behind the muscle; this is called subpectoral breast augmentation.  Alternatively, the breast implant can be placed in front of the muscle; this is called subglandular breast augmentation. Placement of the implant depends on your individual anatomy. Incisions for breast implant placement also vary. Incisions placed in the fold beneath the breast are usually well-hidden following breast augmentation. Incisions at the edge of the nipple are also well-camouflaged following placement of breast implants.

Complications of breast augmentation with Dr. Hamacher and Dr. Bernsten are infrequent, but may include hardening of the scar tissue around the breast implant or rupture of the breast implant, causing the need for replacement. Both silicone and saline breast implants have been extensively studied; neither has been shown to significantly correlate with other illnesses. This has resulted in endorsement of each type of breast implant by the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Hamacher and Dr. Bernsten will not perform any operation they feel will jeopardize your health, and always want you to be as informed as possible with regard to your options.

Breast implant surgery at Madison Plastic Surgery is usually followed by some short-term discomfort that can be controlled with medication.  A small amount of bruising and swelling may occur, and usually resolves itself in a short period of time. You may shower a day or two after surgery, and may often resume your normal routine shortly after your breast augmentation at Madison Plastic Surgery.

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