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Also Known as "Rhytidectomy"

Because aging of the face affects each patient differently, consideration of any facial rejuvenation is a very personal decision. The facelift procedure, or rhytidectomy, addresses many aspects of the aging face in order to restore a refreshed, more youthful appearance.

Commonly, the regions of the jowls and cheeks are of particular interest to patients. With age, most patients experience a loss of youthful volume in the mid-face region. There may also be concerns regarding the definition of the jaw line, or excess tissue of the neck that can be seen as fullness, vertical bands, or the blunting of the angle below the jaw. The facelift operation must be specifically customized to each individual patient.

When considering a facelift procedure, careful assessment must include evaluation of your facial balance, your skin quality, the number and position of facial lines, and your general health as a patient. The meticulous analysis of the patient's facial form is one of the most interesting aspects of plastic surgery. Dr. Hamacher and Dr. Bernsten truly enjoy their interaction with each patient during this process. It is their goal for each patient to leave the pre-operative consultation with a thorough understanding of the facial issues to be addressed, as well as the different options for surgical corrections.

As techniques in facelift procedures have evolved, many operations have been described as the best way to achieve a youthful appearance. Dr. Hamacher and Dr. Bernsten believe that a safe approach to the facelift procedure is of foremost importance, and that an individual may benefit from a combination of surgical techniques. Specific knowledge of facial anatomy, combined with an array of surgical techniques allow the surgeons at Madison Plastic Surgery to create a unique approach to facial rejuvenation.

Along with the facelift operation, ancillary procedures may be utilized to achieve optimal results. These may include eyelid surgery such as blepharoplasty and/or brow elevation. Facial lines may be filled in or smoothed around the mouth and eyes with a laser or chemical treatment. In depth discussions of each of these procedures allows the patient, as well as the surgeon, to feel comfortable with the final decision.

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