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Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty, or corrective nose surgery, is one of the most artistic procedures in plastic surgery. Achieving a balanced appearance of the nasal shape, from both the front and side views, must be combined with careful attention to the functional purpose of the nose.

In consideration of your rhinoplasty, adjustments may be made to the nasal tip, nasal dorsum, nasal width, and nasal base. A change in one of these features, however, can have a significant effect on the appearance of the others. Meticulous surgical techniques, combined with an in-depth knowledge of nasal anatomy and a wide array of rhinoplasty allow Dr. Hamacher and Dr. Bernsten to customize the rhinoplasty operation to your individual needs.

While patients of some surgeons can be recognized by a standard postoperative nasal form, Dr. Hamacher and Dr. Bernsten feel your nose should be in perfect balance with the rest of your face. Facial proportions must be taken into consideration. At the same time, your nasal septum may need to be corrected to improve breathing, or a small chin implant may be needed for facial symmetry. It is vital that a multifaceted approach be utilized in assessment as well as execution of your rhinoplasty operation in Madison.

As one of the most technical and creative procedures in plastic surgery, Dr. Hamacher and Dr. Bernsten take pride in specializing in rhinoplasty procedures.

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